The Cure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Common Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Most treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome involve physical therapy machines like ultrasound and muscle stimulation that help reduce inflammation. Stretches and exercises are also usually recommended. These treatments can temporarily reduce the inflammation and pain but do nothing to eliminate what is causing the inflammation. Sometimes, stretching the tight muscles and strengthening the opposing muscles will help take some pressure off the median nerve but the cause is still there. If this is done long enough it will eventually create other tight muscles that compensate for the problem. An illusion of being cured occurs but, as the condition worsens, the carpal tunnel syndrome usually returns. Treating the problem this way requires ongoing stretching, exercise or treatment; but as the problem progresses, more time is required to treat the symptoms and eventually these methods stop working.

Some doctors prescribe pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants and even anti-depressant drugs for carpal tunnel syndrome and numerous other problems. These also just treat the symptoms while doing nothing to eliminate the cause. Many of these drugs have negative side-effects and some (cortisone injections) may even weaken your tendons or ligaments leading to even worse problems. These doctors are attempting to mask the problem until the body uses other muscles to compensate. This sometimes works in mild cases, but as the problem progresses the body finally runs out of things to compensate with and the pain returns. At this point, some doctors tell people to train for a new job that puts less stress on the wrists and to just live with the remaining pain. Not a great option if you ask me.

Surgery for CTS usually involves cutting the flexor retinaculum in half and allowing it to heal with scar tissue in the gap. This makes the ligament longer, and the carpal tunnel larger so there is less pressure on the median nerve. This may help for a while but, once again, as the problem progresses, the condition worsens until the pressure in the larger tunnel becomes high enough to cause the pain to return. Every person I have met who had the surgery and continued with the same job had their problem return. Most of those who quit doing the job that caused the muscle damage had relief. In these cases, however, it will just be a matter of time before normal daily activities will cause the problem to progress into pain again. As you can see, none of the typical treatments for CTS do anything to eliminate the cause.

The Natural Cure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is difficult to treat if you do not understand the progression of this unique condition or how to eliminate the cause. This is why conventional therapies rarely help much. You now understand the cause and there is a way to eliminate it. I have filmed a carpal tunnel syndrome self-treatment video that teaches how to eliminate the cause of cts naturally. No drugs, no injections – just natural relief at the heart of the problem.  I also teach you how to stop the chronic tendinitis-neuritis cycle and how to eliminate what I call the “cause of the cause”, or what you may be doing that over-stresses your wrist and forearm muscles. This 118-minute two-video set comes with a free illustrated 68-page booklet. Together, they teach you how to restore your damaged muscles back to their normal lengths. Your wrist and hand will then be essentially as good as new. There will not be a need for expensive treatments or time-consuming activities to constantly treat your symptoms. The video also teaches you how to prevent the problem from returning.

If you have a neck imbalance that is putting pressure on the nerves that enervate the forearm muscles, you may build up more adhesions over time. This would probably take months or years. If this should happen, the new damage can easily be eliminated with the treatment you have learned. You will also learn how to put less stress on your neck, wrists and hands. The video also teaches how to resolve almost any tendinitis condition of the wrist, hand or fingers. When patients come to me with CTS and other wrist and hand problems, I generally teach them how to fix it themselves and I restore their necks, shoulders or other related areas back to normal.

If you have a chronic neck, lower back, hip, knee or other problem, you could come to my office for treatments and have the cause eliminated and the problem permanently resolved. You can read about my PMBT therapy as well. I have used this therapy to successfully treat thousands of problems including those of numerous actors, stunt performers and professional athletes.

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  1. kellie hays says:

    need help with carpal pain its in my shoulder my hips mainly right hip syadic pain main pain is on right side i would like some info. about your program

  2. I am experiencing pain on my left hand locking of my ring and tall fingers and on my right arm pain on the bone from my elbow down near the wrist. it started last nov 2110, i can’t identify the cause yet .I wanted to know the cure too so i tried thru surfing the internet, I hope i will be given more information about this case, I’m 45 years of age and a teacher by prof. I’ll look forward for your email.Thank you very much.

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