Treat Your Own Golfer’s and Pitcher’s Elbow ©

Receive instruction on how you can use the revolutionary treatment technique, Precision Muscle Balancing Technology, to treat your own golfer’s and pitcher’s elbow!

Using everyday language and step-by-step demonstration, you’ll be taught how to eliminate the cause of your condition. You’ll also learn numerous ways to reduce or eliminate re-injury to the areas that cause this painful and debilitating condition. You could soon return to your normal recreational and work activities and enjoy restful, pain-free sleep.

Benefit from this world-famous therapy which has been seen on cable and national TV, talked about on radio and read about in numerous magazines and newspapers.

Save hundreds of dollars and get the same treatment I use to treat my own patients – from Hollywood celebrities, stunt performers and athletes to executives, office workers and housewives.

Do your remember how great it was to have hands that could bend and grip and perform pain-free work and play? Now, with these treatments you can learn how to provide your body the help it needs to restore your arm back to normal.

You can end your pain and reclaim your life.


  • What causes golfer’s and pitcher’s elbow
  • Why the treatment works
  • How often and how long to treat each area
  • Proper body usage instructions to prevent re-injury
  • Precise attachment points of each muscle
  • Techniques to speed the healing process
  • Stretches to help prevent recurrence
  • Exercises to build resistance to re-injury
  • How to design an efficient treatment schedule
    • Pain Relief
    • Return to Recreational Activities
    • Restored Use of Arm
    • Return to Productive Work
    • Restful Sleep
    • Increased Movement
    • Freedom from Drug Side Effects
    • Money in your pocket! (from the lack of ineffective treatments and medication)


    • Treatment Log Sheet
    • Diagrams
    • Summary

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