Q. Can you refer me to someone in my area that practices your technique?

A. Not at this time because I am curently the only practitioner of PMBT therapy. I am working on lesson plans and hope to begin teaching soon. Someday I hope to have qualified practitioners all over the world.

Q. Can you make a video to teach my doctor how to treat my condition?

A. No. Most joint problems have too many variables and interrelationships with other joints. There is also no way for me to know exactly what your specific imbalances are without examining you. Also, imbalances change during the course of treatments as the body returns to normal alignment. The videos that I currently have and the few more that I have planned are the only ones possible.
Q. Can you help me with my problem?

A. The only way that I can help you is if you come to my office for treatments. I cannot design exercise or stretching programs. These do help treat the syptoms of some conditions but once again, I have no way of knowing exactly what your unique problems are.

Q. What is the next best thing I can do?

A. In my experience the next best therapy for most conditions is a chiropractic technique known as Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT). Because it is gentle and noninvasive it will not cause additional muscle damage. It also provides longer lasting relief than most other techniques. Unfortunately, unlike PMBT, it does not remove the cause of the problems. Therefore, periodic treatments are required in almost all cases. A limited number of doctors practice DNFT. To find the one closest to you call (310) 657-2338.