Cause of Neuritis

Manifestation of neuritis occurs the exact same way in which acute and chronic tendinitis begins.

This scar tissue formation as a result of an injury causes muscle to become shorter and tighter than normal.  The increased tension and stress on the muscle then makes it more susceptible to strain during future physical work, recreational activities, or even activities of daily living.  If the muscle is over-stressed or re-injured further, enough scar tissue will form, which results in a muscle shortening to the degree that it can pull the bone it is attached to out of normal alignment. The result is a joint misalignment, which causes a chronic condition to develop over time.  If a tendon receives most of the stress from the joint misalignment, then chronic tendinitis develops. If the bursae around the joint receives excess pressure and stress from the misalignment, then a chronic bursitis develops. If the cartilage of a joint is receiving abnormally high pressure on it from the joint misalignment, then a chronic arthritis condition will develop.  Now, last but not least, if a nerve is stretched or has excess pressure on it from abnormal swelling caused by joint misalignment, then a chronic neuritis condition will develop.  This happens most often when the spinal vertebrae are pulled out of their normal alignment, which is also known as spinal subluxation.

Learn more about the treatment of neuritis as well if you are having trouble with it.


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