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  • How to eliminate unhealthy cravings
  • The three vital steps beyond what you eat
  • Why many “diets” actually increase your body fat
  • How to supercharge your sexual desire and performance
  • Why counting calories is detrimental to permanent fat loss
  • How to stimulate fat burning naturally without dieting or exercise
  • How to discover and eliminate your reasons for having excess fat
  • The best exercise for losing fat faster and keeping it off (Hint: It’s not aerobics.)
  • How to keep your children from getting fat…

and everything else you need to achieve VICTORY OVER FAT.

The Truth About Fat Loss
In his no-nonsense approach to permanent fat loss, Dr. Ric Alexander explains why all the diets, exercise programs and “weight-loss” products that you tried have failed. You will also learn why more people than ever are losing their battles with fat.
Dr. Alexander explains the simple chemistry that stimulates fat loss naturally and healthfully. He not only tells you what to eat but how, why and when — three vital secrets to success that most weight-loss books and programs fail to mention.

Your Amazing Powers
We all have six incredibly strong powers that — if not used properly — work against people to prevent them from winning the war with fat. Dr. Alexander teaches you how to harness all six of these amazing powers to help you lose your excess fat quickly and to easily maintain a lean, healthy and attractive body.

All of the Pieces
Your understanding of the permanent fat-loss puzzle will increase as Dr. Alexander clearly explains each piece. You will also learn how to find the few pieces unique to your body and how to put them all together so you can finally solve the puzzle and ensure your success.

Armed with the knowledge contained in this book you can end your frustration and stop wasting time and money — you can finally win your war with fat!

Your 6 Steps to Success
Dr. Alexander thoroughly explains how to complete each of the six steps vital to your success. By following these steps to permanent fat loss, you can improve your health, increase your energy and enjoy life more fully as a leaner, more attractive you.

The Choice is Yours
This book contains everything you need to develop the best nutritional program for you and to create a leaner, healthier and more attractive body. You will also learn how to eliminate any roadblocks to success and how to choose to have the body you always wanted.

Live Longer    –    Decrease Inflammation and Pain

Strengthen Your Immune System    –    Improve Your Self-Image

Reduce Your Risk of Cancer, Heart Disease and others.


“An incredibly thorough and well-researched guide to losing
fat and improving well-being. Decidedly not your average
diet book, this guide to fat loss and health is a
fascinating read, packed with innovative suggestions
and helpful nutritional information.”

-Kirkus Reviews

“An enthusiastic guide to taking control of one’s
eating habits and physical fitness”

-The Midwest Book Review

“This is by far the best nutritional book I have ever read.
It is a no-nonsense approach and is complete and
full of extremely valuable information.”

-Mark Cornett, Doctor of Chiropractic

“Victory Over Fat contains everything you need
to completely understand balanced nutrition
and to win your battle with fat.”

-Craig Hollander, Nutritional Consultant and Fitness Trainer

“Dr. Ric Alexander clearly and thoroughly
explains how to lose excess fat permanently
and enjoy extraordinary health.”

-Mark Alexander, Nutritional Researcher


Chapter 1
Why so many people are fat.
Why diets and gimmicks don’t work.
The six steps to permanent fat loss.
Benefits of your new
nutritional program.

Chapter 2
Natures Eating Plan
Eating for the season.
Four aspects of a healthful
nutritional program.
Acid/Alkaline balance and
fat-burning foods.
The inefficiency spiral.
Four steps to reversing the
inefficiency spiral.

Chapter 3
Healthful carbohydrates,
fats and proteins.
Benefits of water, oxygen, carbon
dioxide, sunlight and sleep.
Variety for balance and satisfaction.
Different types of foods.
How much of each type of food.
Summer, fall, winter and spring
food pyramids.

Chapter 4
Detrimental health effects of alcohol,
caffeine, dairy products, sugar, honey,
artificial sweeteners, salt, chocolate,
cocoa, processed foods, chemicals,
and nicotine.
Feeding dogs and cats.

Chapter 5
Full-strength digestive enzymes.
Proper function of digestive organs.
Two relaxation techniques.
Cooking for best digestion.
Food combining.
Assimilation of nutrients.
The right food at the right time.
Glycemic index.
How much food do we need?

Chapter 6
The metabolic type program.
The body type program.
The “Victory over Fat” program.
The ultimate program.

Chapter 7
How fast and how much to change.
Meal planning and shopping.
Favorite summer and winter meals.
Healthful alternatives.
Creating your own favorite meals.
Dining out.

Chapter 8
Vitamin and mineral basics.
Heavy metals.
Banishing free radicals.
Special needs.
Current nutritional notions.
Mysterious ailments.
A balanced plan.
Finding help.

Chapter 9
Strength-building exercise.
Cardiovascular exercise.
Fat-burning exercise.
Structural balance.
Five aspects of emotional health.

Chapter 10
Your Weakest Link.
Heart disease, cancer, stroke,
osteoporosis, hypoglycemia, diabetes,
alcoholism, mental illness, Alzheimer’s
disease, rheumatoid arthritis,
degenerative conditions and aging.
Feeding infants and children.

Chapter 11
Physical reasons for excess fat.
( 14 categories)

Chapter 12
Emotional reasons for excess fat.
(19 categories)

Chapter 13
The six steps to permanent fat loss.
Creating a lean mental attitude and lifestyle.
Common habits- fat people versus
lean people. (23 habits)
Fad diets and unhealthful
weight-loss products.
Finding professional help if needed.
Setting realistic goals and mini-goals.

Chapter 14
Visualization techniques.
See what you’re gaining, not losing.
Respecting yourself.
Many helpful tools.
Four steps to staying lean.
Making faster progress.

Chapter 15
Stimulating muscular growth.
Eating for muscular growth.
Body-building and shaping goals.

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